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The Mission


Behind every product is an idea. Behind every idea is a story about the person who was brave enough to think it out loud . So Long Saturn tells the story of ideas, products and people in engaging, relatable and cinematic ways. Let us launch your story into orbit so it can be understood and shared by people around the world.

"Sending things UP is what we do. We don't think about landing because the things we launch never come back down."

The Crew

Jason Calhoun has almost two decades experience in the digital media and content creation industry. Joining him is a crew of creative and administrative professionals working to ensure your mission reaches new heights.

Jason Calhoun
Jason Calhoun
Director of Photography, Post-production Supervisor
Eric Roberts
Eric Roberts
Post Production, Motion Graphics

"You can tell the So Long Saturn crew loves working together. Their passion for film, people and stories brings out the best in everyone on set and off."



We love California. From the mountains and redwoods to the beaches and piers. California is our home. We consider it a privilege to tell stories in a state that has birthed so much wonder and imagination. While we primarily serve Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento, we'll travel where ever a good story takes us.

This summer (2017) the So Long Saturn crew will be filming a story about roadside attractions and the people who started them. "500ft Ahead" is a story about adventure and the unknown. It explores the people and places that cater to the curious while challenging viewers to explore the question, "What's worth stopping for?"

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