Aaron has been working in the content creation world for over 2 decades. He has a degree in Character Animation with an emphasis on short story production. He also holds a degree in Business Administration and has consulted with a number educational institutions, radio stations and tech start-ups.  Aaron serves as a Writing Producer for So Long Saturn and is Executive Project Manager. When not writing and producing for So Long Saturn, Aaron creates original family friendly podcasts and stories for Galactible.


  • Who Made Campfires? – Writer
  • Milkshakes on Mars – Writer, Voice Over, Producer
  • Ears for Isaac – Subject
  • Parker Tweedy’s Guide to Games and Life – Writer, Producer
  • Best Quiz Ever – Writer, Producer, Voice Over
  • Somewhere Galactic, Writer, Producer, Voice Over
  • Half Dome 101 – Illustrator, Writer, Voice Over (Licensed by NatGeo)
  • 500ft Ahead – Writer, Producer, Subject

Principal Crew

Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts

Post Production, Motion Graphics
Aaron Robbins

Aaron Robbins

Producer, Writer, Project Management
Jason Calhoun

Jason Calhoun

Director of Photography, Post-production Supervisor